On the issue of the new buy cloth art bed of formaldehyde, cloth art bed cleaning and maintenance

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-11

a with formaldehyde, the new buy cloth art bed?

the answer is definitely yes, now in addition to pure real wood material, furniture basically contain certain formaldehyde, formaldehyde content depth is not deep, just some environmental protection plate, bought after installed directly, also is not very big to the influence of human body, but the bed is not the same, mainly is the bed and sleep, is the most close to the life of a furniture.

2, how to identify their own fabric with formaldehyde in the bed?

want to know his home bed is whether there is formaldehyde pollution, actually very simple, small make up also simple to introduce three practical skills.

1, formaldehyde testing box, to buy a diy online experiment, the price is very cheap, the principle is similar to PH test paper, the above can be very intuitive reality of formaldehyde concentration, of course he's accuracy is not high, ordinary conditions can, or after the bridal chamber decorates have left formaldehyde detector in the home, can use this test, actually check whether contains formaldehyde was pretty easy, and it more simple than how to detect formaldehyde concentration.

2, whether they contain plank, plank is basic contains formaldehyde, especially the new bed, this problem is not escape, unless it is a pure real wood mortise and tenon joint structure, but such a bed is very expensive.

3, smell, stimulating odour of formaldehyde itself, so you can smell the smell, if taste heavy, it may be pure in formaldehyde.

three problem of formaldehyde, cloth art bed, to the person harm great?

actually small, why how to say, because of cloth art bed interior formaldehyde composition, mostly exists in internal man-made plank and adhesive, and compared and the man-made plank frame of cloth art bed some man-made board bed, to be a lot less, plus cloth material itself does not need glue, so its formaldehyde content compared to common bed plate, a lot less. In addition to the problem of cloth material of formaldehyde in the factory, a little bit comes with other pollutants, but generally simple clean again, above the smell will disappear, also believe think some people, after bought a new bed, must be carefully clean it again?

4, how to go out formaldehyde

since there is formaldehyde, so sure is bad, even for the human body may be harmless, but trying to remove him or very be necessary, generally a little bit more simple way is to put some more in the bedroom of activated carbon, plant POTS of money plant green plants to purify air, this kind of effect is better than nothing, it is very important to focus on the daily ventilation, even in the winter, everyday go out also remember how open the window, let the wind blow.

5, cloth art bed cleaning and maintenance

cloth art bed wear-resisting degree is inferior to the leather bed, had better not sat in the same position for a long time, to avoid wear bed jacket. Over time can be changed on the location of the lie. Use cloth art bed coat for a long time, there may be loose thread ends. Do not use hand to break, looking for a pair of scissors to cut flat.

1。 Jacket and cloth art bed, bed is tasted best ironed after washing and then put in ventilated dry in the shade, not exposure in the sun.

2。 Due to the material of cloth art bed fibers easily trapped dust and dirt. Flap with a dry towel first, remove the dust; Again with towel or clean paper to wipe cloth; Such as stained with besmirch, generally do not do not touch water, should use the special cleaning and maintenance products. Repeat in dirty place, until the stain removal.

3。 No matter what the fabric cloth art bed, must look at the label instructions before washing. For some special fabric washing washing will specify the matters needing attention;

jacket and cloth art bed, bed is tasted best ironed after washing and then put in ventilated dry in the shade, not exposure in the sun. Direct sunlight can damage the inside of the cloth art goods causes fading fiber array structure. Don't bother, if you want to keep cloth art bed that bright-coloured colour and lustre, be sure to do so.

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