Office or incomplete without these office furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-28
Office to office furniture, if an office environment is very clean, but not specific office furniture, only a few furniture is put in the space. And this is only one office furniture. This phenomenon is the sense that gives a person is not selected, but surprised extremely. So, office furniture needs several basic office furniture to complete. 1, taipans table is also called the boss, belongs to office furniture in a few inches of the table, the role of the general is the company's level of leading cadres and cadres application, according to the natural, guarantee the 1800 mm length can be large. Its market is applied to the company and other organization structure of senior executive office. Material: solid wood edge article, post line leather and wood plank, name card. 2, office chair, office chair is a indispensable part of office furniture, office chair comfortable good, seat height, hard and soft level, slope and so on the back of the chair must be thoughtful, moreover also convenient to adjust, to blend in different height and shape of the various groups. 3, table, table is common in today's office supplies, is one of the essential part of office furniture, generally can be divided into: general small and medium-sized conference table, large and medium-sized conference table, according to the structure is divided into: steel structure, plate structure. 4, filing cabinets, filing cabinets generally divided into three types: move the door type and open type and open type. Must be equipped with different according to different office filing cabinets, such as text document more often take and suitable for open type. Indoor space design good having a unique style of the wedding can close type, smaller can move the door type office interior space. Material: the selection of the file cabinet general Jane do, style not too complex, according to the core of the simple and clear style. Is generally selected raw materials on the solid wood or metal products. Solid wood cabinets look premium and environmental protection, but the price is the more expensive metal materials, all discretionary choice. 5, receptionist receptionist is the portal of the enterprise brand image, and can show the overall level of enterprise, and play a commercial interests, social communication and development strategy of the enterprise image, and so on.
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