Office furniture wholesale and pay attention to four major killer

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

office furniture wholesale and pay attention to four major killer. Office furniture weight is not quality standards, can only say that materials used in high density. Many consumers believe that wooden furniture material belongs to natural material, it is absolutely environmental protection product, in particular the pure solid wood furniture, is regarded as a model of environmental protection, but whether it? In fact this is a lot of misunderstanding between the consumers, are now call real wood furniture is generally wood board type furniture, the frame is solid wood, the other is made of carpentry board or composite board, of course, this kind of board will contain a certain amount of glue, and it is also of formaldehyde was hiding. When we buy furniture will be wary of four major problems of the furniture. One problem: the same volume of heavier or gel more solid wood furniture, with plate as the main body structure of board type furniture and how to do the processing of harmful gas exceeds bid? Under the same conditions, environmental performance higher plate must be less glue content, if two pieces of the same volume of plank, environmental protection must be to ensure that use of the same species, board size, lighter weight. And relatively heavy piece nature is added too much glue. So many consumers only with weight to judge the stand or fall of plate is not reasonable. Question # 2: materials absolutely green of the superimposed effect of per unit area, the use of paint there will be no problem, but why would eventually indoor air testing is still not up to standard? In the process of complete new dream, a lot of people would have such confusion, why can't qualified products bring qualified air quality? Question # 3: alert to use the new paint engineering paint would like to send the furniture, you fear most? Perhaps many people will have the impression, compared with the sample, the smell of the new furniture is much more powerful, sometimes a new small wardrobe can make whole bedroom is full of excitant odour, this is VOC in the paint and the harmful gas such as formaldehyde. Problem four: the stain of cloth for the soft furniture, many consumers only noticed when buy its comfort and style, but in fact for soft furniture, environmental protection is still a problem which cannot be ignored, and relative to the wooden furniture, cloth art software furniture and the density of human exposure to larger, therefore the health, environmental protection should be considered first when buying.

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