Office furniture what way can eliminate peculiar smell?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-30
There is no doubt that the new office furniture is a very exciting taste, the gas is formaldehyde, regular inhaled have harm to people's health, so how to quickly and efficiently get rid of this kind of bad smell? A: ventilation air circulation is indispensable, office environment appropriate to open immediately drying on the top of the wall side window, the air circulation, furniture and open the door. So can evaporate moisture maintenance wall top industrial coating surface, can absorb again eliminate residual odor. Second, many green plant absorption of green plant is to be able to remove formaldehyde, green plant a celestial being, phnom penh bracketplant, cycas, chrysanthemum, etc. ; And get rid of xylene flowers and plants plants with ivy, cycas, etc. ; Such not only can eliminate peculiar smell, and at the same time also can let air fresh new. Three activated carbon, activated carbon adsorption liquid has the characteristics of porosity more, of the harmful material such as formaldehyde with a strong adsorption and dissolution, fine particles, the smaller of active carbon adsorption the higher the expected effect. Formaldehyde adsorption of activated carbon to decorating, obviously, but according to the different specifications of interior space, put the amount of activated carbon are also different. In addition, the activated carbon filter to be sure to be sure to remove after level. Four, nowadays there are market for indoor air purifier technology specializing in the removal of formaldehyde air purification machine, needle important new office decoration and purchase the office furniture, the odor to office furniture of clear expected effect is very good. About office furniture what way can eliminate peculiar smell, the content of the small make up is introduced at this point, if also want to know about other related content, to the official website consulting, hope is what allows you to further understand the article content in guangzhou office furniture customization.
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