Office furniture positioning is different, choose color is different

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-29
Office furniture style diversity, some people like composed the office environment will choose grave positioning, and dynamic positioning and low-key. So, the style of office furniture without positioning. If you have located it, but choose the style of furniture does not belong to locate. In this way will seem weird. So, the positioning of the office furniture, choose color is also different. A, high-end black black will be popular in office furniture industry, suggest we pay special attention to is that black itself contains a god, elegant, elegant, refined aura, to ensure that this kind of aura combined with company's aura, it is important to select is black, then on the basis of adjustments must be in light and shade. As regards the spirit, black will look more composed, elegant, solemn, this is a lot of customer demand in the office decoration design scheme and the home match with black. Second, refined powder in fashion pink has always been a very attractive color, such partial shallow but also vivid and refined powder like flowers bursting is presented the vigorous vitality. General office furniture fashion color use refined powder and supplement the dominant color, shallow ash, not only for the office personnel a sense of fresh and bright, in addition to office space given sweet color. Three and peacock blue peacock blue in our country is one of a kind of very famous porcelain glaze, also called blue, like blue peacock feathers, give a person a kind of quiet and elegant and refined feeling. Peacock blue is a kind of more mysterious, all blue because its color is very difficult to clear, belongs to the fuzzy color, but that's just what features the color of the peacock blue cast into a deep spiritual industry. Peacock blue office furniture is not only a design scheme of southeast Asia style, and also combined with the design style of the element of a few furniture in it.
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