Office furniture nothing more? What reason is this?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-29
Office furniture market continues to release a variety of new products, especially the modern office furniture also is popular with the customers. But the momentum is good office furniture customization. Because the tailor-made office furniture will be better. So nothing more is right. 1, tailored to measure before buying office specifications and area size, then according to the company culture, enterprise operation mode and its operational needs, imagine indoor plane structure, feng shui layout format, etc. , makes the furniture and office area, height, avoid office furniture are unable to meet demand. 2, how not consumables, office furniture, we must follow the rules of how when buy, don't have to empty office, want to buy, according to the requirements on the application and the area of office furniture place to no more than 50% of the area of the room. 3, consolidate the high quality durable requirement, well-deserved, robust. If pure wooden furniture, pay attention to the moisture content don't have to be over 12%, it is best to buy makings joggle structure is not a nail gun. Office furniture must be straight, straight line must be consistent, more stable on floor, the hardware of prefabricated should be firm, and the door and cabinet is supposed to open the dexterity. Leather office furniture is necessary surface leveling, no bubble, no crack, joint chapter have not abide, etc.
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