Office furniture materials to create different points of memory

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-29
Office furniture and home furniture, the first feeling that gives a person is the atmosphere and rigorous. But there are many kinds of office furniture materials, different materials to create different classification, different classification to create different styles. This small make up take the office furniture of different have different points of memory. A: real wood to use log manufacturing, grinding, painting process, etc. Materials standards, strong and durable. 2: plate deformation of sheet forming, function can not easily get, processing and transport are relatively simple and convenient. Three: software software furniture mainly refers to the sponge, the fabric as the main body of the furniture. Four: the cane makes up light, beautiful and generous, to close the crisscross of cane of primitive simplicity, relaxed. 5: metal distinctive style, choose colorful, species diversity, folding the function is all ready, value is quite beautiful, good and cheap goods. Six: gangmu some simple structure, simple gangmu combination and simple color expression, expressed the amorous feelings of the nanjing office furniture of steel and wood furniture. Seven: glass, with its unique sculpture and bright, have pure and fresh and beautiful memories, by market.
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