Office furniture design steps

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-06-29

office furniture design is a process of a system, it includes the design strategy, product design, preliminary assessment, sample production, a lot of link such as new product trial, to complete the design. ( 1) Design planning stage, the product is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, design planning class is office furniture products to the market the first step of the enterprise. Office furniture product development part of the enterprise on the basis of market research, according to a district office furniture structure, furniture market conditions, factors such as income and purchasing power, determine the development direction of furniture, design and planning phase of the main work content is investigating the variety of furniture, modelling, function, material, technology, marketing, etc. The above content can be divided into four steps: the market information - investigation Organization of data analysis Analysis and prediction of market demand Product decisions. ( 2) Product design class, based on the plan of class work, use hand or computer aided design method to determine the function of the product, modelling, determine product material, craft. This class is mainly expressed in drawings. ( 3) Preliminary evaluation stage, according to the last stage of the work, according to the drawings, material, function, process of product, model analysis evaluation, compared with the results of market research, seeking products in terms of material, function, modelling, process of differentiation, and cost accounting. ( 4) Sample production stage, according to the construction drawings manufactured the first product is a sample, the sample is the best use of the existing production conditions and processing, by the designers to participate in, processing and summary, after the sample test, for trial production summary, every tache from material, process, assembling, etc. ( 5) New product trial production for trial stage, according to the analysis of the sample stage, after necessary modifications on the construction drawings, to small batch production, the product testing for trial at the same time, accept the test of the market, to ask for some advice. ( 6) Completed the design phase, according to the information feedback, we will further improve the drawings, product shape. Jas, emperor emperor furniture furniture was founded in 1999, now has developed into sets of office furniture product development, design, production and sales enterprises. Focus for more than a decade in office furniture, hotel furniture, villa furniture wholesale high-grade furniture production, and provide high quality soft outfit design, overall service, let your bedroom, commercial space taken on a new look.

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