Office desks and chairs the right height

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

the first premise is under the table mesa space high is not less than 580 mm, width of the space is not less than 520 mm, ensure that there is at least the leg activity space, the relaxation of the sedentary hind can make appropriate action to ease the fatigue. When two feet flat on the ground, basic vertical thighs and legs. When two arms natural prolapse, basic vertical upper arm and forearm, the forearm coincided with desktop contact, produced the right elbow support. Meet the two basic vertical writing can make people keep the correct posture and position: the right elbow support, can take to erect or slightly forward avoided hunched posture, cause spinal disease, strain of lumbar muscles, such as occupational diseases. For some desktop assignments may be adopted lean back slightly, sitting in the comfortable on the chair. Users can have many options available for sitting, can often change posture in order to ease the fatigue. Right elbow support make sit up straight, not only stable, still can make the operation more standardized, desktop, for example, can write from left to right straight away. Right elbow support make the person is in, when the desktop related parts of the body including the neck, shoulder, waist, arm, wrist and elbow can relax muscle, relieve muscle fatigue, pain and strain. Right elbow support, stable posture, keep the stadia in a reasonable range, avoid the short phenomenon of stadia, conducive to protecting eyesight.

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