Office decoration to how to develop?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-30
Should pay attention to several aspects of office is decorated, a lot of details to consider, if because of the thoughtless, follow-up will appear a lot of trouble. So, in decorating a process should have a plan. And office decoration positioning yes needs to function, cost, style to the three aspects of the position. 1. Office space the function orientation of designers need to deep grasp of customer company office procedures, organization structure and the working content, therefore as functional reasonable layout design of office space is the basic and according to the type and then establish the function of the office space area and the distance between each other and the functional partition connection relationship. 2. Office decoration design project investment project cost positioning office decorate a design plan is the key to convey the corporate image, improve efficiency, build a comfortable environment, so the designer fusion link of company's development, assets status, engineering and construction space rent deadline, local consumption level, and its local adornment design market, the supply of material and physical condition in several aspects, such as effective investment project cost of credit, as far as possible in order to achieve the best returns. 3. Office design core idea and design style positioning designers to consider the application function regulation, build a comfortable office environment, highlighting the company culture and famous brand as the goal, to establish design theme with the core idea, attaches great importance to the function, position type design style, highlight the atmosphere of the office space, emotional appeal and aesthetic intention.
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