Office chair and maintenance methods

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

office chair is used to the almost every day, every company has its own office chair, so if you don't often maintain, it is easy to bad, especially the metal frame, therefore we specially introduce you to the maintenance of office chair methods:

1. Ferreting skin: office chair leather quality, can be seen from the real leather and artificial leather. Leather is a natural material, elastic, man-made leather stretching back to don't like leather flexible, so the artificial leather in use after a period of time there will be slack phenomenon.

2。 Daily maintenance: start with both hands and gently pat, can wipe with dry cloth, generally not chemical cleaners, light cotton cloth dipped in water to wipe decontamination, every other month with leather oil gently dry can.

when don't have to put on cloth cover the grey, not exposure. Don't be too humid in place, the relative humidity of 40% is ok

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