Non-traditional office furniture collocation technique

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-03

non-traditional office furniture or the need of modern office furniture is a modern enterprise operation, but also reflect the needs of the corporate image and business marketing, because of the need to reflect the corporate culture, spirit, taste, the scale and economic strength, choose unconventional office furniture consider to namely to consider practical and artistic:

1, the combination of taste and fashion office furniture manufacturers have their own industry characteristics, combined with modern trends, create office furniture environment has its own unique characteristics, ideas and patterns.

2, indoor layout coordination, scientific and reasonable tonal choose brunet furniture, the bedroom of dense form heavy dark atmosphere. The colour of furniture is too strong, is not able to bear or endure look, easily tired. Conversely, tonal and bright and spacious space, relocation contracted, pleasant color of furniture, can make people feel pleasant reading, feel better, easier to get along with people, work more efficient, harmonious atmosphere, ankang. In addition, different functional room and its furniture style, color is different. In the design of non-traditional offices, general manager's office has the branch of Chinese style and western style, color of warm, cold, pale, deep points, is a different color effects. Office, staff area according to the industry, the function is also different, to practical need to design and decorate.

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