New Chinese style light slowly luxury furniture show the charm

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

light new Chinese style furniture and decoration style with national strength enhanced gradually, the national consciousness recovery, began to gradually get rid of the traditional complex structure of redundancy, more integrated into the modern to pursue simple acme cultural connotations. Light of this villa luxury furniture style with distinctive modern characteristics, and is different from a single or a few Chinese style design elements that simple. It will be Chinese traditional culture and modern design methods to fully mix, embody the modern and fashionable breath.

along with the progress of The Times, the big traditional moral level of color have evaporated, new light luxury furniture of Chinese style style is to show us a simple colour aesthetic experience, as well as the unique system of colour collocation, the Chinese & throughout; The symbolic expression of incisively and vividly, from garden to residential interior design can see the figure of the new Chinese style design, and in the light of luxury villas furniture design colour collocation is based on the characteristics of space form and space use, the overall grasp.

colour collocation became one of the major elements in the design of villa furniture, villa furniture space perfect color design cannot leave a reasonable grasp and collocation of color. If missing colors attachment villa furniture design will appear drab, because in the villa in the design of furniture colorific collocation, makes villa furniture environment becomes rich rise, reasonable collocation of the color make drab and empty villa furniture space becomes warm, rich human, organized to improve people's well-being.

all in all, as the new Chinese style light continuously push new luxury furniture modelling and color, from traditional furniture modelling to numerous is Jane, from the society as a whole on the psychological needs, meet the new Chinese style furniture and colour constantly adapt to modern people's aesthetic temperament and interest, using the model of whole space, material and colour collocation can make their own space and furniture sends out charm.

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