More tasteful villa small bar furniture to decorate

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-09

many villa have a small bar, private leisure about friends in private small bar together, although the space is not large, but also do not have a taste, so how do villa small bar general layout, how furniture decoration is more reasonable, the hotel furniture manufacturer for your explanation:

1. Villa's corner small bar

corner type of room corner part layout. The guest can sit around the table, convenient to talk, and make indoor space is compact, practical strong, also does not have interest.

2。 Villa to stick wall small bar

stick a wall in a less interference indoor metope decorate wall bar, covers an area of less, save a space. The bar placed against the wall, cabinet can on the bar, also can hang on the wall. The roof of the ark side hanging a piece of ceiling, embedded downlight, make the light cast on the bar and wine. This method is suitable for smaller room.

3。 Villa fault isolation type small bar

every fault type using the bar dividing space, foil interior atmosphere effect, the flexible layout, make indoor lie between and continuously. Set the bar in the dining room or kitchen, is better to adopt partition type. Let between kitchen and hallway with bar, constitute an open partition, particularly clever reasonable, this method is suitable for the space of bedroom area is large and has many USES.

4。 Villa embedded small bar

embedded in irregular bedroom, use recessed part set bar, this method can effectively use of interior space, have a sense of uniformity. If there is a staircase room, also can use stair the recessed below the space bar, make the full use of the special space.

5。 Villa type small bar table

table type combines table and bar, bar and a table. Generally can be designed to form of the 'T' or 'L' shape, the bar can be divided into two floors up and down. Made folding, lower part pick up form small table, for the number of people dining, down as bar, reduces the usable floor area, stent use cabinet doors and Windows. Ark is designed to be slightly bigger, to keep wine and tableware. As a multi-purpose, cover an area of less, especially suitable for no restaurant in the small area of the bedroom.

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