Modern style house you're worth it

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

traditional furniture has a unique ethnic style, natural and simple, and very nostalgic and collection value, compared with the traditional style, modern style decorating presented away all trival's elements, modern furniture is concise and lively, practical and easy, with the most straight white adornment language reflects space and furniture to build atmosphere, and then give personality to space and peace. Today let me introduce the modern and traditional combination of 100 square meters room design, the design is contracted and fluent line, let a bedroom is full of pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, achievement is not the same as the classic.

Y chair, white light, combined with green plants lent a little romance to dining environment.

grey tea table, Barcelona chair, iron wire chair, put a bottle of wine and glasses, modern.

modern beds, solid wood tea table, art lamp, has created a modern bedroom

kitchen wall embedded in white ceramic tile, make a space more show clean at the same time, also facilitate clean the master.

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