Modern residential furniture triangle tea table

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

now are becoming more and more people to buy 80, 90 after generation, like this character generation choose furniture also choose different furniture, let small make up today to introduce a modern residential furniture: triangle tea table.

triangle tea table, in 1948, is a famous designer IsamuNoguchi design, this kind of triangle tea table is also a modern well-known modern coffee table. Its legs like a sculpture made out of solid wood, deserve to go up the teardrop-shaped vitreous desktop, bring amazing visual effects.

on the floor of the wood color, the antique room, it is the brightest a scenery line. Polished surface, line up your most calm heart. Like no ripples of the lake, the heart has never been so quiet. Has the strong support under the plane. Wood is one of the most consistent with scientific, triangle orientation, stable structure. Concise design is the most powerful support.

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