Modern private apartment decoration

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24
Today is introduced in gothenburg Ike landa modern private apartment, this apartment was designed by the famous team: DSE arithmetic is responsible for the design of a project, this space design is fully open to decorate, grey colour is mainly in two colors as gezer, room with a few pieces of classic furniture collocation, feel the fashion and generous. The classic chair where to have sell? Can go to jas emperor furniture. In same space, sitting room, dining-room, the kitchen is given priority to with small pieces of furniture in the room. With light color, dark grey butterfly chair, sofa round tea table form the space of the sitting room; He eat chair with marble table in Iraq into a dining area. Basic every area with classic furniture, shape out of the room light, clever and good feelings, coupled with the greenery space layout to the nods eyeball pen of the room. This is a classic is a kind of furniture butterfly chair. He is by the designer: J. F。 Hardoy, J。 Kurchan,。 Bonet work together to complete, such as butterflies dance. If you have it in the home, much like home an elf, add more fun to home.

bedroom except for the wooden floor and metope light color fastens, on the choice of furniture, add to the sweet pink tones, make women more feminine charm, warmth and quietly elegant metal supporter of stool and single chair model agile, create the elegant style with the attitude of the life.

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