Modern Noel is one of the most popular modern hotel sofa sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24

Knoll sofa is Florence. Noel, her husband is a Noel, the founder of Noel, Noel, focus on manufacturing and market Florence to focus on design and research and development, make Noel company rapid development, become a modern Bauhaus school after the modern design and manufacturing center in the United States, and with the popularity of Knoll sofa, also more and more manufacturers for production and manufacturing, and the emperor is one of the company, through the research and development and improvement, push the modern Knoll sofa to the position of the peak of a modern sofa, became one of the most popular modern hotel sofa, and le corbusier sofa together become the model of modern sofa.

modern Knoll sofa already belongs to a the new trend of The Times, can be used in addition to the modern hotel, the office building reception room, the manager's office, club reception room, the sitting room can be used in the home, because Noel sofa a variety of color, as long as you will use a lot of places are suitable, it has become the representative of the new style of contemporary and contracted style furniture, has obtained the affirmation of the broad consumer and made a high evaluation.

as hot product of modern hotel sofa, he must be in the construction of the different from other kinds of sofa, can be seen on the surface of main body is made up of stainless steel frame with genuine leather sofa, can appear elegant and generous. He material: imported leather sofa cushion with high density sponge, make the customer comfortable to sit on. Wood frame, combined with advanced stainless steel tube make the sofa have a strong quality assurance, materials: cotton, silk tube, zipper, ground wire iron, maomao, and so on, is the hotel furniture is the best option.

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