Modern minimalist furniture to teach you how to enjoy life

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

mid 20th century's most famous modernist architect mies. Van DE's words: less is more is the central idea of minimalism. Minimalist furniture is simple to the extreme, this in the most ordinary it seems it is hard to accept the owner, not many people will think that 'the milk of human kindness. Objectively speaking, actually it is. But for some advocate minimalism; , this is their favorite way of life.

small cold at night, is the best time with friends together hilarity, fell on a few cups of wine, make a three to five innings billiards, no worry, no pressure, is the indiscriminate moment in the life, and through the intestines only wine, laugh and laugh. 'North art in a minimalist furniture' complementary texture, color depth is integrated distinct; The design of 'people-oriented' beginner's mind and having a unique style of fashion aesthetics; Italian sofa, elegant velvet material collocation, silky soft delicate, fashionable and comfortable, beautiful and elegant space.

in the west, a complete space would mean things placed there, in the Japanese tea ceremony and zen, will deliberately left blank, let people's imagination to fill, Japanese design, architecture, life with a special focus on white space. Minimalist furniture like winter camera, quiet pure, reveals the hazy beauty;

in the black and white world, has a minimalist and restrained beauty to numerous for brief wisdom; In the long life, we have been in the weigh trade-offs. Can be found, the end of a phase modulation rate the shed into, grabs a quantity should take to give up;

abandon useless details minimalist house, a large amount of white space, a small display, the bondage of feeling, reduce material to bring is a minimalist design intuitive impression to the person. But elements seem less, it doesn't mean design easier. Among them, the very important topic, it is how to make use of white, the color elements.

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