Modern luxury home decoration interpretation quality life

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24

interior design is an important part of the highlight household environment, modern home mainly use of space, the collocation of furniture and decorations, which reflects the beauty of the household environment, on the design, classical and modern elements are combined perfectly, designers can use rational and wise attitude to deduce the occupants pay attention to high quality and easy and comfortable life attitude.

one, simple, low-key costly style focus on hard decorate gimmick is concise, but it's not as casual as general contracted style. In a low-key costly style space, seemingly simplicity often reflects a hidden under the appearance of the aristocratic temperament, the temperament most by furniture, wallpaper, fabrics, soft outfit element such as fur. Hard decorate concise and more conducive to foil a has the quality of the furniture and soft outfit product.

2, the fusion of modern and classical, low-key costly style to emphasize the design principle of modern and classical, hard emphasizes the modern design methods, in decorating furniture and some soft outfit to reflect the classical style is an important characteristic of low-key luxury.

3, sweet and comfortable, luxurious design purpose is to enjoy life, this kind of enjoy, except for the luxury and visual range of content to physical and mental feeling of costly feeling is also very important. Someone made a metaphor, in the cold winter, a top comfortable cashmere can be extremely gentle care for you. It is costly style; , to achieve hope without any bondage and stress of environment, create a can let the body completely relaxed and felt so comfortable warm environment.

4, personalized: low-key costly style pursuit is not according to the inertia of the design of the brand, and the pursuit of unique individual character is the driving force for the low-key costly style design. Design of a high quality private space, actually does not need too many luxury goods, also do not need too tedious details, only need to use a few unique, distinctive small items to reveal their own taste and aesthetic, already was enough.

low-key costly style individuation can reflect very specific, such as a light for a particular space design of lamps and lanterns, a pair of paintings by famous artists, all of these articles with an replication is low-key costly style & throughout; The nods eyeball pen of interior space.

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