Modern leisure furniture factory tutor you choose environmental protection plate

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

modern leisure furniture factory tutor you choose environmental protection board, first of all, a modern leisure office furniture company to see whether the environmental protection level and the flatness of the plate. We want to know the domestic first sheet for environmental classification is how to look like. Environmental protection grade a total of three levels, the current environmental protection of the highest rank is the E0 class, followed by E1 for office office cabinet, the level of the plate is the level that can be used for interior decoration. The board that a country compulsive standard environmental protection is the minimum standard of E2 level. So when selecting a plank we must pay attention to the plank of some environmental protection level, the more high-level plank the smaller to the harm of human body, don't even have any damage to the human body. Also, good plate surface smooth level off, and 'dirty', inferior plank is uneven.

in the end, the need to do is use your nose, even though we don't have animals sensitive nose, but inferior plank across the far away can smell pungent odor, and even fumigated you tears dc, your throat is uncomfortable. So smell smell is simple and practical, and emperor modern leisure furniture manufacturers adopt environmental quality board!

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