Modern household style characteristics: elegant rural wind

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

modern household style ten million kinds, in addition to the popular contemporary and contracted style, and the modern country style loved by bourgeois literature youth. Modern country style is elegant, and mostly, it can be divided into Italian, Mediterranean, French, Spanish, British and American, etc. Different regions of the form of modern country style is different also, below together to understand the characteristics of various modern country style.

1, the elegance of French countryside style

the furniture of French countryside style decent, line is full of tension, details and luxuriant, more delicate than general furniture cleverly. French country style is not only comfortable, also is permeated with a kind of culture, painting, sculpture, handicraft is therefore indispensable decorations.

2, Mediterranean/Italian countryside style

the Mediterranean country style with the earth color as the main visual impression, the Italian countryside style often appear such as sunflower fields of golden yellow, red brown soil, lavender purple and blue and white is the color of common of the Mediterranean.

3, English country style

English country style gives a person a kind of delicate and elegant impression, is more popular in the space that occupy the home is also a kind of relatively common. Space of the English countryside wind often can see the materials such as iron, log on the proportion of the overall appearance is more balanced, few exaggeration or the flow of this; The simple sense of flax fabric will be used, a large number of printing patterns appeared on the cloth is also one of its characteristics.

4, the Spanish countryside style

Spain rustic feeling giving a person is more straightforward and simple, show guileless taste exotic amorous feelings. Extensive use of clay brick and tile is one of the country's unique style, besides can increase interest, on the vision also bring rich performance.

5, American country style

simple and less decoration is one of the biggest American country style characteristics. Because it is absorbed and simplify the form of European furniture, American furniture in appearance because more attaches great importance to the mental performance, style to the east coast of the style, but it's like a Texas use leather, stone collocation more wood, also let American country style have more change and appearance.

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