Modern home decoration, furniture colour is tie-in

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

the modern home decoration: furniture color collocation. In the modern bedroom is decorated in, more and more attention to life tastes and senses. Under the visual feeling, interior design special emphasis on the collocation of color coordination. In the interior design of general, color will be limited within three.

of course, this is not absolute. Due to the professional interior designer familiar with deeper color relations, coloring may exceed three, but generally just beyond one or two. Limit the definition of three colors:

1. Three kinds of color is to point to in the same relatively closed space, including the color of the ceiling, metope, ground and furniture. Living room and master bedroom can have on the system of different color, but if the sitting room and dining-room is together is regarded as the same space.

2。 White, black, gray, golden, silver is not calculated within the limit of 3 kinds of color. But gold and silver generally cannot exist at the same time, in the same space can only use one of them.

3。 Design classes will be subject to the present color. Is to narrow her eyes to see can see the main tone. But if a large pattern of individual color piece very big, is also regarded as a kind of color.

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