Modern furniture of choose and buy and overall layout

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-21

contemporary bedroom decorate: modern furniture of choose and buy and overall layout. Sofa did not have the chair armrest, turned into a sunflower. 。 。 。 。 。 Quadrature in the compasses in modern furniture design has broke the inherent pattern, more to meet the basic functions, on the basis of seeking the functional and aesthetic balance, from appearance, material quality, dimension to the combination function has a bold innovation, and as the change of design style, presented the various forms of irregular furniture. Sofa did not have armrest, back of a chair, base, what it's like to be? It is the sofa? In fact, the design of geometrical body sofa that this is nowadays popularity. Traditional sofa design or is odd, or is two side by side, armrest, back of a chair is an integral part of the sofa style. Now, the appearance of sofa design has been toward more contracted gimmick, once seen as essential components of the armrest, back of a chair, base, at the hands of designers have become redundant, this kind of sofa need not consider to, put on household space becomes more follow one's inclinations. With this extremely of brief design polarity is collect a variety of functions at a suit but combined-type sofa, the sofa is organically split into several major components, the owner can assemble sofa like puzzle games. Single use or separate, easy to be helpful for the adjustment of spatial location, together, can assume much person to use again or space integration. Besides, the armrest of some combined-type sofa evolved to be able to open the drawer that pull, facilitating host deposits the article such as books and newspaper, magazine, CD, and in the sofa of the intermediate inserted tea table type again design, and has put the function of the coffee cup, fruit dish to wait, meet the needs of the integration of master and recreational recreation adequately.

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