Modern furniture make hale wind industry

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

we always think, hale wind industry to adapt to the crowd should be adults, after all is set in concrete, bare wire does not accord with children's aesthetic, but the following cases, use of modern furniture industry wind of hale and hearty, the use of bright colors and add indoor more interesting, let the wind for parents is also suitable for children.

expand the outer wall of the window, can ensure that more light shine into indoor, homeowners favorite industrial wind up by stylist, highlighted in the key of smallpox exposed beams with black hale charm, and in metope and ground, is given priority to with smooth surface is suitable for children, half the area of the sitting room, children build fences. Concrete brick floor bright and clean, warm wood veneer, cold and warm to satisfy the life of the family atmosphere.

the layout of the open to elders in cuisine at the same time, the toy bar in a child's dynamic can be observed. Bespoke out as much as possible in the home store object space, let the whole family of clutter can be receive appropriate, stretching from the bar out six table, the texture of genuine leather chair brings good dining experience.

the master bedroom space is capacious, the design of the designers have not too much, to pare down with wooden elements as advocate material, build a warm and soothing sleep breath.

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