Modern furniture and floor color how to match?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24

contemporary bedroom decorate, furniture and floor color how to match? Simply speaking, if the furniture is light color, you can choose a few warm color wood floor; If furniture is dark, you can choose to reconcile at the wood floor, specific principle is as follows: furniture and floor color a color matching principle: the same as color match. Such as furniture chose brown give priority to with white, brown is teak, two winged bean floor are available to match; Chose the real wood furniture imitation mahogany, usable red series 蕚 Ye Qianmu, balsam dal floor color. The same color match, decorate a style is rigorous, orderly and atmosphere. Furniture and floor color color matching principle 2: close color match. If choose the furniture of the black walnut veneers, available brown big fruit, the bean, birch, ash wood floor to recognize color match. Close color match, decorate a style to appear lively, harmonious, and delicate. Furniture and floor color matching principle 3: is contrast color is suitable. If choose red color is archaize furniture, some fashionable household, can choose light yellow maple wood floor color. The floor color Huang Zhong partial white, coordinate with deep red furniture form bright contrast effect. To be cautious with contrast color match, in principle, the color must have professional eye or ask an expert control, the color should not only have the effect of contrast, harmonious and set off. According to the above three, you can rest assured of furniture and floor color match colors.

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