Modern families use cloth art sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-01

like to use in modern family corner sofa, individual character make public, flexible, corner sofa sofa can make full use of the space of the sitting room, can according to your own idea to furnish the effect you want space, let a sitting room is always full of freshness.

family to use modern cloth art sofa is general in places it is against the wall can be cut space, like the emperor, furniture is new developed product: the imperial concubine corner sofa, there are many kinds of combination of form, can according to the position and size, random combination, let a space more clever breath. The imperial concubine sofa is made of wool flannel, velvet sofa gives a person the deepest impression is that it super fine and soft tactility. The imperial concubine sofa main characteristics of modern fashion, creative, with fashion shape, good colour rendering. Senior reception room sofa maintenance skills

in many companies will have their own room, and most companies will be room sofa is put in the parlor, then senior reception room sofa should be how to maintain?

advanced in the meeting room generally for leather, sofa leather relative to cloth art, better maintenance, the following for the maintenance method of sofa. 1, because in the meeting room and more closed, relatively tight, so advanced room sofa should be placed in ventilated dry place. 2, leather strong absorption, anti-fouling, should be paid attention to when wiping sofa usually do not energetically rub is brushed, lest injure skin, unfavorable also wipe or wash with water, avoid damp, mildew and moth, should use the special oil sofa clean erasers. 3, reception room, many will have customers will smoke, it's easy to have a smoke hole, so have found holes, rags and burning phenomenon, should ask professional personage to clean up.

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