Modern decoration style: black and white color

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24
Modern decorate a style to use commonly is black and white ash three yan as fundamental key, black and white, in particular, the two kinds of color is a classic color, composed of black, white light spirit, general good decoration are generally in black and white, the use of other colors too complex, the average person can't ride, black and white always can give a person the feeling of pure, quiet should apply to the pursuit of extreme personality and art taste. Contracted style in the sitting room generally use a large area to use white, let black as a piece in which the balance effect, coupled with some modern furniture can make the style more prominent, it would be a good idea. Avoid by all means do whole metope with black, so although looks cool, but do rise is a kung fu, because black brick face will let dust lies. Black and white color piece cross use also is one of common methods, but most see capability, too close or too scattered use not only render out of pure effect, can let a space more show messy, instead will the sort of creative black and white classic taste better. Black and white space also has requirements for quality, it is better to use a germplasm to two kinds of colour, inferior smooth surface is a reliable choice, black enough aggressiveness, white is easy enough, don't need to add foil.
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