Modern cloth art sofa collocation technique

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

modern cloth art sofa, with its fashionable outside, soft material, has been more and more get the favour of people, so how to match the fabric? This topic is a lot of people care about.

actually, cloth art sofa can fully demonstrate the bedroom amorous feelings, that is because the fabrics of cloth art sofa itself will speak, itself has the capability of performance.

tell from the color of the fabric, the pure color of large area, it is very exciting, so the appropriate use of the colour of the fabric itself is especially important. In medium bedroom environment, the color of the fabric with clean simple but elegant color advisable choice, namely generally nude, but in the use of the color relations, particularly want to pay attention to point and the combination of points in the nude to bright the light pen, to act as a brake light effect. In the small bedroom environment, the color of the fabric choice to follow the characteristics of the small environment bedroom color advisable, or similar color can also be made mistake of avoid by all means, add color, and color. In capacious bedroom environment, with large areas of tone colour passion deducts, wen ya, composed, or make public, or inside collect, bold use mixed color collocation, tend to have very special effect.

from the texture of fabric, cotton and silk, chemical fiber, with special material ( Nano materials, etc. ) , some representative highly harmony with the environment, some on behalf of the advancement of industrialization, some reflect the perfection of modern technology. If you want to let the bedroom environment is more close to nature, more warm and comfortable, advised to choose a higher proportion of cotton and silk texture collocation; If you want to make a bedroom environment more interesting or want to express a certain artistic conception, suggest to choose fabrics collocation with modern craft technique performance.

in short, with both harmony is unified, and emphasizes the individual character style; Contradict to be united again; That will be different.

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