Modern chair grade and classic furniture factory

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24

in our original also introduced a lot of classic chair, today let's introduce different classic chair, here we come to the modern taste design classic chair furniture factory.

from the design of the famous master, he couples begin! Iraq was rocking chair. Iraq was rocking chair was born in 1950, Iraq was rocking chair is very famous a classic chair design, shape is like a blooming tulips, Iraq was rocking chair is very famous in furniture design an excellent work, from design birth to now has a history of more than 60 years, until now still is enjoyed by people and widely used. Is the charm of its classical aesthetics, shake the mind and body will be better. Look at the next to design the work this year. Chair chair of true love is true love from: Busk and Hertzog design, true love chair design is unique, in what is now the exhibition hall or the exhibition hall, there will be a true love chair chair can rotate 90 degrees, for the customer provides a very comfortable seating. Finally we'll look at the modern Chinese style furniture, wishbone chair wishbone chair is also called the Y chair, is a famous designer: Hans Wegner, Y chair is in the modern history is also very famous products, he sales in the domestic furniture has always been good, it depends on the history of China, China's wooden furniture development history of several thousand years, and the design of the wishbone chair more simple wooden furniture, the design of the chair and cushions are very human, so the sales also is very good.
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