Milan furniture fair on the gap between furniture enterprises at home and abroad

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-13

it is well known that detail decides success or failure. There is no doubt that there is no outstanding furniture products, on the back of the product, for every part of each side contains the detail processing. From milan exhibition this year, for the details of the serious attitude and the design concept is still decided to brand the height of the core part.

the current domestic furniture exhibition also do more more, the bigger the better, but relying on the exhibition of various design contests have gradually abandoned. Had such a design contest original intention is to promote Chinese design, domestic furniture design talent, and from the point of the specific operation and attention degree, to little effect. Today, even many of them have become a mere formality, competing and winning entries level is poor, not only realize the purpose, and even become chicken ribs and therefore embarrassing realm. Craftsmen at this level is broken, do not have this level will become is quantity not quality & throughout; 。 Why do they have the details, why do manual work is good, it is from the efforts of these people, they are not in order to make every day, how many things he is to make things as their own children. Some things maybe ten days can do it, some may take several months to do it, the input energy, and is of value. This has something to do with Italy, since the Renaissance, why the master call masters, starts from the artisan, hand-made, so called the masters.

milan exhibition to make people realize that foreign furniture design and furniture design on the independence of domestic gap, alone designers, domestic designers design according to their own lack of independent design achievements of power and space, is dominated by corporate decision makers, to power the more bosses. While foreign designers are free to play, independent innovation, cultivate the design inspiration. Such as milan exhibition to provide design, both on the basis of the creative design show, has the market and the design of the show, from design concept to design achievements in the cultivation of the marketization of a dragon, a root branches, to thrive. Therefore, foreign design, the phenomenon of the crash is less, style to flourish.

although the trend of furniture fair this year is still a minimalist style, because now design trends have not developed to the point of subversion by other style, but concise, still can find obvious traditional and local elements. Minimalism in Italy have a characteristic & ndash; — Sense of luxury, not because of monotonous, but details in work. The unique processing technology is the core of the milan furniture fair, which also makes a lot of work become an object of imitation. Such as the span of a very thin, need strong technology, the need to spend a lot of time to solve this problem, this is the Italian luxury. Line is an indispensable element in the household products and the environment, but very test technology level; Freedom of the functional sex of the curve, to adapt to changes in the body posture, these are all from the advanced technology and humanized design concept.

Italy's products are actually very deep handicraft industry, almost all the big brands started in a private workshop, including in many small town now still left a few small olympuses do manual. Italian design for a grade, don't have to be made very luxurious, there are some people who don't know why such a simple thing to sell so expensive, but there are many technical content, can show good things there are a lot of research, a lot of time in the back.

the design and production of industrial chain is very important. We have very good creative thinking in case how to achieve? Most cases are on their own imagination to realize, but not the same as in Italy, three years of Italian design exhibition & throughout; Specifically for the latest material within the pavilion display, every year there are specialized manufacturer to provide the material and information, different texture, including metal, glass, plastic, wood, ceramic and many novel technology and fabric, cotton cloth, and so on and each kind of material will provide a lot of choice, this makes the designers have more choices in terms of design elements and play.

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