Metal furniture selected tips

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-25

at present due to the natural wood co. , LTD. , the furniture industry are becoming more and more variety of material to replace the shortage of wood, metal furniture, Also called gangmu furniture) Is one of development direction. At present, the types of metal furniture on the market, more common, such as table, chair, bed and hangers. Because of its strong, durable, convenient transportation and welcome by consumers, but many more consumers to buy them is not good at it.

so according to related standards, remind you when the choose and buy to pay attention to the following several aspects:

( 1) Pay attention to the appearance of the furniture. The metal furniture on the market are generally two types: electroplating, furniture to the requirement of it should be electrodeposited coating no bubbles, no peeling, not yellow, surface without scratches; Kind of furniture of the lacquer that bake, to ensure that the film does not fall off, not wrinkled skin, no obvious sag, no bumps, without knock against and scratches.

( 2) Steel tube wall there is no crack, welding, no obvious creases, bend pipe mouth can not have edge, burr and sharp edges.

( 3) Pipe welding between parts are not allowed to have leakage welding, welding, welding, cannot appear porosity, welding wear and defects such as burrs.

( 4) Metal parts and steel tube riveted to strong, can't appear loose phenomenon. Rivet cap to be smooth and flat, no burr, no file.

( 5) Open when using furniture, smooth landing legs, folded products to ensure the flexible folding, but you can't have their own folding phenomenon.

in addition, when handling metal furniture, to avoid knock against and scratch the surface protection layer; Don't put metal furniture in damp corner, should be kept in dry, ventilated place, ten to prevent rust.

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