Meeting room office desks and chairs contrast between the old and the new

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

in the development of society, the thought in advance, we are the furniture of office place also subsequently and produce change, the modern office environment and the early stage of the reform and opening up have dramatically changed, the change of the conference room, the office seat also affects people's ideological concept, we put the conference room under the office desks and chairs, comparing to the old and new we would not be difficult to find how great is the power of the design.

this is traditional meeting room and the comparison of emperor modern classic, conference room, conference room, we should all be familiar with traditional also exposed to more or less, in the meeting room of guangzhou Canton fair is similar to the original (left), general large traditional meeting room can use, very traditional, seem a bit old, and the ideas of modern a little conflict. At right is a modern classic furniture, tends to European and American style, size and hearing, conference room is very similar, very modern fashion, often appear in the film.

above mainly aimed at small meeting room for comparison, the feeling is self-evident, as if can fully show a different age and style.

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