Maintenance method of leather furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-19
Now in the family, the use of leather furniture of a lot of, such as leather furniture, leather chair, stool, etc. , many people bought leather furniture but I do not know how to maintain, this not only makes leather furniture is easy to get dirty and buy back the service life of leather furniture also is not very long, so should be how to maintain leather furniture, leather furniture, there are several ways to maintain?

a, maintain leather furniture, use cleaner and cleaner can not only remove dirt, and make leather more bright, also can undertake clean water, but still recommend using cleaner, water can not remove dust the inside of the leather, detergent decontamination function is strong.

2, don't let your children play on the sofa, while dermal sofa has good elasticity, but constantly jumping on the sofa, leather elasticity also reduces.

three, leather furniture, do not put in direct sunlight place, also don't close to the heat source, the leather is like human skin, often contact heat can cause leather dry, elasticity decreased.

4, to avoid sharp cut leather, this you should know that.

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