Luxury hotel furniture, business type hotel furniture, vacationing industry characteristics of hotel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-29

as a hotel provide a home for people outside the home, more want to focus on the hotel suite furniture, hotel suite furniture quality is the most basic measure of a hotel hardware conditions. Because star-rated hotel points, and these want you hotel operators are very clear. Is your hotel standard to the star it is largely determines the you'll pick hotel suite furniture style. So, generally divided into luxury hotel suite furniture, business type, and vacationing industry, etc.

luxury hotel furniture is classic with contemporary perfect combination, the first thing to make customers feel elegant experience, on the one hand, in terms of material qualitative, colorific roughly style, still can strongly feel the history and rich culture, and slam the door too complicated texture and adornment, simplify the line. The essence of it from the classical. Both retain the traditional, also pay attention to furniture is practical, improve the comfort of furniture.

luxury hotel furniture features:

1, on modelling, beautiful, generous, temperament is prominent, the overall sense of strong, with luxury style.

2, material: selection of wood, stone, fabric, etc.

3, the structure, more strong, can load bearing.

(4), safety, less harmful substances to human body, ergonomics is reasonable, the colour does not hurt the eyesight.

business type hotel pay attention to practical and comfortable sex. In interior design, business type hotel furniture activities contact closely with people, everywhere to reflect the planning concept of 'people-oriented'; Secondly, its decorate sexual. Business type hotel furniture is the first character of interior atmosphere and artistic effect. Good furniture not only make people feel bento comfortable, also can give a person with aesthetic pleasure and joy.

business type hotel furniture features:

1, on modelling, the overall style is not strong, satisfy the general aesthetic standard, the grade is low.

2, material: do manual work is delicate enough, less adornment and collocation.

4, structure: to simple.

vacationing industry mainly receives guests leave hotel, many building near the beach, hot springs, scenic spot. Its strong seasonal. Hotel furniture is in some degree of spurious better entertainment furniture of form a complete set of equipment, more loose, soft and hotel furniture collocation, to give people more relaxed and comfortable.

vacationing industry characteristics of hotel furniture:

1, the modelling on: people-oriented design concept, beautiful relaxed, casual, concise and easy has a unique style.

2, structure: classic, able to bear or endure look, advocate natural pure and fresh and comfortable design is exquisite.

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