Lunch chairs: let you have a high quality of lunch break

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

a company the most cerebral is in the middle and high class office worker, so my lunch break is especially important for this class of workers, and the office can provide lunch break is rare, even if have also is very uncomfortable, this is where a comfortable siesta deck chair.

a good lunch chairs for cerebral workers is vital, and only after a comfortable afternoon nap, can let the brain restore vitality. This chair is suitable for my lunch break have an independent office workers, some independent office space is little, not suitable for sofa, put a lunch break so deck chair is the most appropriate.

then they will say, but didn't class ah, after all, sometimes have customers come to the office discuss, this is about a company faces. Actually don't have to worry about this, some lunch break the grade of the chair is not low, for example the rest chairs: wegener halyard chair.

this lunch is on the couch more than 60 years ago Hans Wagner's design work, the rope as the design of the back of the chair broke the traditional design concept. Overall made of stainless steel frame, pure hand-made woven cotton rope back, the foot of the lacquer that bake, wool mat, cow leather headrest, looks both personality and is very costly and grade.

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