Low furniture of choose and buy need to be careful

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

now, sofa, tea table, TV ark is almost to stick to, such as low furniture has become nowadays the most popular and sought after object. Although low furniture look good, but in use process in secretly wear our cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra, cervical vertebra and lumbar disease more easily. Place television units from the ground is more and more low, this for urban class sits at a table for a long time, means that night at home watching TV, cervical vertebra is still in a QuQuWei or a specific position, this will make the neck muscles in the coordination of stress state for a long time, make the cervical back muscle and ligament strain of vulnerable to pull, so as to induce or aggravate the cervical spondylosis. In addition, now short of furniture also has a characteristic, is soft, like sofa, mattress, etc. When we sat on the sofa, precise, it should be said that sank into the sofa. This will lead to our lumbar protruding after a long time did not support, lumbar flexibility to reduce, and in lumbar disc. Still others will appear in your life situation, after a good night's sleep on the couch, will feel backache backache. This is mainly because the sofa is too soft, in the above, can make the spine bending state. Wang Lige associate professor stresses, therefore, to purchase the low furniture family, it is important to note that in using interval after four fifty-minute best standing breaks the cervical and lumbar spine.

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