Low carbon furniture is the development trend of the future

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-12

low carbon furniture is people environmental protection consciousness to improve the product of low carbon products must be transported from the production to all throughout the whole process of environmental protection concept. If it's just a terminal do sound energy conservation and environmental protection products, empty have a stunt. At the same time, in the use of low carbon low carbon furniture material, must be rich design, to meet consumer demand for personalized products. Such low carbon furniture more broad market demand, also can let consumers are attracted to products enjoy low carbon life, let the 'low carbon' winds continue to go down.

at present, the world is into the era of low carbon. Governments are pushing the process of low carbon era. In the face of increasingly severe environmental pollution, people have raised the consciousness of environmental protection and health, hope can through their own efforts, to advocate low carbon way of life. When the 'low-carbon economy', 'low-carbon life' and a series of cutting-edge concept gradually into the ordinary people of vision, the word 'low carbon' has been unable to escape to become a kind of idea and the life and work of the target, along with the coming of the era of low carbon economy, low carbon furniture are increasingly brought to the attention of the people, a 'low carbon' wind, quietly into the furniture industry.

for low carbon furniture, there is no a complete detailed definition. 'The so-called low carbon furniture, furniture material should be a kind of can be natural degradation of environmental protection material, has the characteristics of polluting the environment and recycle, to meet consumer demand for safety, health, energy saving. Using low carbon furniture save energy loss, in order to achieve cycle low carbon life '. Cic advisory light industry researcher Xiong Xiaokun in accept the China sankei shimbun reporters interview. However, low carbon furniture has reached a consensus in the industry, the state also encourages furniture enterprise r&d innovation promote low-carbon green, environmental protection products.

reporter sees a few furniture mall in Beijing, some write low carbon environmental protection furniture to attract many consumers, marketers are carefully explained with everybody about related knowledge of low carbon furniture. 'Now living standards improve, buy furniture also pay more attention to quality and health, choose the furniture of a few low carbon environmental protection, also be a contribution to environmental protection'. A furniture of choose and buy of Mr MAO said to 'China sankei shimbun reporters. Store staff also said that with the approaching of the five small long vacation, low carbon furniture is expected to usher in a purchasing peak.

countries in various fields currently called for low carbon energy saving, so some products are protected by state policy or state subsidies can be used to improve product technology and update equipment, this kind of products won't produce too much additional cost, prices are relatively more populist, too. So, consumers don't think that a product is of low carbon environmental protection, it must be expensive. When consumer is buying must pay attention to rational consumption, to find out where purchased product value, originate, usage, or you will pay a high price, buy back a 'pseudo low carbon products, let illegal businessmen.

because of low carbon furniture industry and there is no uniform standard, there is a lot of illegal businessmen in the name of 'low carbon' to promote sales and even to push up prices, let consumer cannot distinguish whether goods is really green, low carbon products. Low carbon in the purchase of furniture, so consumers should be careful, by looking at the furniture material to identify color, smell and texture, etc. Relevant departments should speed up the low carbon furniture certification system, standard operation process of low carbon furniture. Xiong Xiaokun said: industry should accelerate the certification service, at the same time develop low carbon furniture production to transport the details in the process of standards, and strict supervision. Only regulation in place, the certification trademark to match value, make consumers can clearly consumption.

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