Light luxury furniture is really about?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-10

at present there are light luxury fashion wind, and the furniture industry in the light of luxury furniture exactly how to define? Although been witnessed luxury furniture exhibition hall products of manufacturer, but the observation of light more luxury furniture, to make the author of light has a more comprehensive understanding of the luxury home. Light actually is based on European and American furniture, luxury furniture collocation of whole space a new type of furniture category.

light luxury home has the shadow of Europe type furniture, also have the shadow of the American furniture, is a combination of European and American classical furniture, beautification, reduction. Light compared with the traditional luxury furniture of Europe type furniture and American furniture, are designed to emphasize the integrity of the household space and more and in details carved on doing subtraction, make it no longer thick stocky, lightsome and elegant.

light is not only the finished product furniture, luxury furniture is more emphasis on the overall household space beautification has a lot of deserve to act the role of the finished product furniture, to create a luxury for background, overall intoxicated visual aesthetic feeling and individuation deserve to act the role of clear now features a new type of household space atmosphere.

light developers not luxury furniture market activist, they in fact is bullish on the Chinese consumer preference for european-style furniture, American furniture, integrated the characteristics of european-style furniture, American furniture, such, improvement of new products. Light, as it were, luxury furniture market base is the result of current strong American wind, wind, Nordic European classical wind.

light luxury furniture main consumption object is the younger generation of wealthy consumers. They want their space both ou feng beautiful rain, don't be too stressed at the same time, at the same time, not just simple imitation of their parents, the furniture, should reflect innovation and new gas, they also to the requirement of beauty has a higher. Light luxury furniture in this sense, it is a best choice.

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