Light Italian luxury furniture to enter the Chinese market since all bring about what impacts

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-27

Italian furniture style has become the mainstream of the international market. In household consumption upgrade, against the background of Italian furniture as a representative of the international household market design and quality of sophisticated, more and more popular. Especially in the light of modern fashionable grade luxury furniture market, but also with exquisite details, solid technology, excellent quality and international design, become the domestic market of fresh air.

look from the design style, Italian luxury furniture, classical and modern two charming face, combine art and function very closely, italians will enjoy life, more understand the status of art in life. You like Italian style, if feel retro gold-plated carved too common too heavy and complicated, contemporary and contracted category must be your good. That occupy the home also is a kind of aesthetics, a relaxed and comfortable soft furniture, let you care about fashion home and enjoy the elegant life.

light for luxury, we can understand for the meaning of mild luxury, improving the quality of the modern life we focus on, the rich artistic elements to combine with the household, with necessary furniture to home owner's sense of taste. Light luxury furniture into the home market, easy to create belong to our comfortable life space personality.

China furniture people almost every year go to milan, Italy as a pilgrimage to visit the furniture fair, and the contracted wind of Italian furniture is one of its important features. Chinese furniture designer understand Italian furniture essence and create an Italian contracted style furniture, both the shape of boreal Europe furniture is simple, and intends to type the connotation of light more high-end luxury furniture, luxury, so are more likely to be in the high-end stores have perceived value, higher gross margin. In this sense, an Italian contracted furniture is a bit like the updated version of boreal Europe furniture, and a bit like the Nordic furniture China stores variants.

are an important part of the society and they come in handy in any place where there are luxury classic sofa in need of classic dining room furniture.
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