Library's booth sofa maintenance skills

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27

library booth on the surface of the sofa maintain:

1, the library booth suitable temperature for 18 to sofa 24 degrees, relative humidity is 35% 40%.

2, prevent sun of booth sofa whole or partial long time exposure, put the position best in places to avoid sun exposure. Indoor is dry, can consider to use a humidifier, but avoid spray directly spray on the furniture.

3, prevent the dust. Especially fine carve patterns or designs on woodwork decoration, such as not clean regularly ash, tiny crack in the deposited easily affect beautiful.

4, two times a year to library booth sofa leather surface wax regularly, lets the home has the luster and the surface is not vacuuming, cleaning up more easily.

library booth sofa wood structure parts of maintenance:

method: observe all dry, do you have any crack. Ask wood type, origin, process.

about solid wood craft:

real without a lot of kinds, such as pine and oak. Pine to cork, drawn chang-qing yu pine trees. This kind of wood texture is porous, the surface easy to sag. Chang Qingmu due to grow rapidly, therefore cheaper. Hardwoods, such as cherry, oak, maple, all drawn from deciduous trees, wood grain is exquisite, closely solid wood. These trees growing long, as they are usually expensive than cork many materials.

maintenance of hardware fittings parts:

please do not use alcohol and ammonia library booth wiping sofa, it will wipe the surface protection layer, long dark color.

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