Let addiction as soon as you sit sofa select also depends on the material

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-28

the sitting room is the important place of entertainment, is also a common space of the guests, the sofa as the focus of this space, can response to master the style of be fond of, also can bring a comfortable sitting posture to family and friends feelings, how can you pick up a sofa are sitting addiction? The key to see material pledge.

cloth material more comfortable

cloth art sofa is one of the most common material, because its good air permeability, contact with the skin is more dry and comfortable, so favored by consumers, moreover according to the weaving in different ways, can design a variety of fabrics of cloth art, meet the needs of consumers in different style.

common cloth art sofa is divided into four kinds: jacquard cloth, flannelette, flat fabric, printed fabric. The jacquard cloth pattern is yarn, after machine woven so feel thick, stereo sense is stronger; Flannelette with luster, feel smooth; Flat fabric and jacquard weaving process is the same, but the present mass of tiny, stereo sense is not obvious; Print using printing way, reverse design and color, suitable for low temperature water to wash. Recommendation:


1, lam wood cloth art sofa, 961: cotton and linen fabrics, built-in doll cotton, wood frame, surrounded by composite plywood, reference price 3510 yuan.

2, sibutramine furniture solid wood bending sofa: flannel fabrics, with high quality coil spring, reinforcement, the real wood armrest and chair leg bent, reference price 2692 yuan.

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