Leather sofa maintenance should pay attention to?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-29

is a kind of comparatively comfortable sofa, leather sofa is popular with consumers. The leather sofa maintenance should pay attention to? Small make up take you to get to know.

1, leather sofa, most afraid of is hard, so to avoid sharp cut leather, ball-point pen, ink, also want to protect against it. If find any dirt, should be timely clean, dry, and then with a dry towel before maintenance, processing.

2, the sun and is easy to make leather sofa faded, so if you have any direct sunlight in your sofa, can change a place. Is moisture also can destroy the cortex of sofa, so the best in the drafty.

3, home with children, don't let them bounce, will not only scratched the surface of the leather sofa can also shorten the service life.

4, to sofa maintain excellent gloss, to pay attention to clean job, as far as possible, use special cleaner when cleaning, nursing and don't fall in.

5, long service life of sofa leave the remaining work, when to use the agent care, we want to order cleansing, don't always go to friction.

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