Leather sofa and cloth art sofa good?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-17

when sofa of choose and buy a lot of people always encounter this problem: to buy leather sofa and cloth art sofa good. Some people think that cheap cloth art sofa is good take reason; Also some people think leather sofas are of good quality and style. So what good buy leather sofa and cloth art sofa is good. Then with the small make up together and see it!

the difference between a process level,

the fabrics of cloth art sofa is USES the machinery to produce, so the process is simple. And genuine leather sofa is through a lot of the complex process, more time is to use handmade, from this point of view, cloth art sofa is inferior in genuine leather sofa.

the difference between two, maintenance

leather sofa on the maintenance more troublesome, moistureproof, luster, afraid of scratches. And maintenance of cloth art sofa is much simpler, cleaning very convenient also, a large part of cloth art sofa is sofa cover wash directly.

the difference between the three, life

dermal sofa, though expensive, and the maintenance is more troublesome, but more durable, long service life. Cloth art sofa can live a few years time, when the filler collapsed or is not popular style, and to change soon.

the difference between four, style

dermal sofa is high grade, atmospheric items are single. And cloth art sofa is light, soft, changeful modelling, modelling also has a lot of style, the fusion of cloth art sofa is also very good, can match already high-grade decoration, also can satisfy the lively decorate a style.

the difference between five, the ratio of

in terms of price, in the case of same dermal sofa must be much more expensive than cloth art sofa, this basically is of dermal sofa complex process, high material price also, naturally you can get a higher price. The making craft of cloth art sofa and dermal sofa compared to a lot of simple, therefore, the price is relatively cheap.

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