Leather furniture care knowledge

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-19

leather furniture care has become a lot of people have a headache problem, a good nursing care can increase the service life of furniture, always keep a furniture polish, how should nurse? How to keep the true the bright and clean and plumpness of preserved egg chair? As the real egg chair, preserved egg chair is a classic of modern furniture, we in the movie, hotel, club, one of the more common furniture. Its maintenance has the following several aspects

1, preserved egg chair and dermal sofa is different, because the leather sofa made will appear after a day of concave phenomenon, but not the egg chair, a lot of people think sit out doesn't do any processing, actually this is wrong, after egg chair to sit, and appropriate lay egg chair made place, keep the sponge evenly distributed.

2, away from heat source, so that you can make leather from heat damage, the sunshine is also one of the heat source, so don't in the sunlight, to avoid leather become fragile, it is not easy to rotten and keeps luster.

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