Leather furniture also remember dehumidification and moistureproof

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-20

woodiness furniture water easy to mildew, bibulous easy to rust, stainless steel furniture and leather furniture into the water will happen, it doesn't matter a lot of people think cortex is not waterproof, actually otherwise, leather furniture in the humid environment can make leather harden, although not like wooden furniture, mildew, but leather furniture on the surface of some less ventilated also can appear mildew, even lead to deformation or leather face coloured fades after be affected with damp be affected with damp, so the leather furniture also remember dehumidification and moistureproof.

so how to deal with the problem, leather furniture and wet dust removal in addition to clean, can make furniture and prevent dust suction, dust removal after need to get maintenance measures, can be on the surface of leather furniture on the maintenance of maintenance of cortex dedicated agent or maintain oil, such not only can soften leather, can also be moistureproof mildew, usually need to get damp proof measures, if stick to water, moisture, usable soft dry cloth to wipe the surface moisture.

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