Leather Europe type sofa is how to maintain?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-18

on sofa, household decoration, is a must buy, put in the sitting room, home to the guest can let the guests rest place, is necessary. And the material of sofa and style, are more, such as cloth art sofa, leather sofa, solid wood sofa and rural style, European style, Chinese style style, etc. , today we have to understand how to maintain leather luxury classic sofa and leather luxury classic sofa is about how to choose?

Europe type sofa of genuine leather maintenance

1. If your home is a home purchase just now, so let's take clean water and towel, wipe the surface again, clean up the dust and dirt, and then lightly brush with care agent, one to two times, can form a layer of protective film on the surface, the stains in the future is not easy to penetrate pores, convenient and clean.

2, usually only need to frequently take a slightly damp cloth to wipe, interval of 2, 3 months with cleaner does a can, or use the vacuum cleaner dust removal.

3, in order to make it to extend the use of the time limit, it is better to avoid children play jumping on the above, there are sweat when no direct contact with the sofa.

4, should avoid the sun shining, otherwise easy if off color for a long time. Commonly used leather sofa leather materials is a more generic, actually has two kinds of leather and imitation leather. Specific to the dermis, according to the use of the specific situation, but also full leather sofa, leather sofa, leather fabric sofa and leather and wood carve patterns or designs on woodwork and various styles. Also has a lot of real leather material, natural cow leather, cow leather, leather and other materials commonly used are real leather. These materials, the best quality is cow leather, the cow leather and leather, cow leather has good toughness, and the touch is exquisite and smooth; The cow skin will be soft, very thick; Green cowhide flexibility is good, like the commonly used fabric soft. In addition to these, as well as pig skin, skin of horse, the quality of the leather is the best. Sofa sofa filler is mainly the distribution of sponge sponge, according to the different elasticity, each part of the sofa of the filler is not the same. Back of a chair and armrest part is commonly by shot sponge filling, seat parts is made better elasticity sponge filling. European part of dermal sofa seat sponges should be used in more than 30 kg/m3 density high elastic foam sponge, back of a chair is used more than 25 kg/m3 density high elastic foam sponge, can sit down when buying experience, usually about 250 px is better cushion sag. Check whether the internal structure of work fine in general can open part of the bottom of the sofa and can view when buy sofa internal bug eat by moth, scar, etc. , the sofa frame material is good quality, cannot use nails directly in cohesion, mouth bite each other, is to be made with mortise or use the sofa of the adhesive is better.

Europe type sofa is how to maintain, genuine leather finish see this article, can understand very clearly. Dermal Europe type sofa is about how to choose, this also gives the detailed method of choose and buy. We can live learning, using the techniques of choose and buy when buying sofa, let yourself easily pick up the price, the quality is high cost performance of dermal sofa, this also can be in virtually increase the service life of the leather sofa?

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