Know about the acceptance of custom furniture points!

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-02
Due to custom furniture can have a variety of styles and requirements so very accord with the demands of consumers, so slowly custom furniture in the furniture industry is very popular a kind of way, this is because the tailor-made furniture not only fits its aesthetic, at the same time, more can maximum limit display household space. But you know custom furniture also has a lot of matters need to pay attention to? Today under the small make up take you to understand how to acceptance when we finish custom furniture? Custom furniture acceptance points: 1, the appearance: view and check the quality of the doors and Windows decoration furniture appearance appearance quality is similar. See exterior paint film smooth, shiny, do you have any flow falling, bubbles, wrinkles and other quality defects; I want to watch the color difference is big, veneer of stripes are some together, have a corrosion point, the loose knot, broken, etc. ; Treatment for a variety of man-made board components sealing side is close flat, presence of degumming, appearance is smooth and flat, without knock against and so on all need to check clearly. 2, see technology: furniture do books don't fine is able to part from combination to investigate, the furniture the rationality of the link between each component and the strong degree. The furniture of the entire structure of each connection, including horizontal, straight line connection point between the necessary or, does not have cracks and loose. Drawers and sensitive cupboard door should open and close, return accurate. Surrounding the glass door should be polished clean, open and close, no collapse of ballastless, scratches, four symmetrical, clasp hands bearing rules. 3, the structure: look at the furniture structure is reasonable, whether structure rules, strong. Can check with the hand gently push the furniture, if present shaking or announced a creaking sound, clear structure is not strong enough. To check the furniture straight degree, at the same time, also check it warp degrees. 4, see dimensions: furniture not only to be beautiful, more important is useful. The scale of the furniture is agree with human body engineering principle and scale, resolution the furniture is convenient to use or not. 5, watch accessories: first check for chair cushion, side plate mat, small furniture such as hinge cover custom accessories is not complete.
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