Kitchen layout design clever method

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-08

think of home, always think of the kitchen. Decorate knows, don't look at the kitchen decorate area is small, any move to the kitchen, often have to spend a lot of cost. But if you want to save money, or some small tips. How to decorate the kitchen, a warm sweet endless warm, let us feel the home to have a look at the designer's tricks.

the kitchen design and configuration is to change the cabinets, kitchen utensils and appliances and all kinds of kitchen home appliance according to its shape, size and use requirement of reasonable layout, clever collocation, integrates the kitchen utensils. It in accordance with the family member's height, color preferences, and culture, cooking habits and kitchen space structure, lighting combined with human body engineering, human ergonomics, the principle of engineering materials and decorative art of scientific and reasonable design, make the harmony of science and art reflect incisively and vividly in the kitchen. Manufacturer on the basis of ambry, also carried out in accordance with the consumer's own needs rational allocation, produce the overall kitchen products, this product set storage, cleaning, cooking, refrigerant, fluctuation is an organic whole for the function such as catchment, especially pay attention to the style of kitchen whole, layout, function and class.

1, hanging rack to replace attached the bowl of dryer, attached on the kitchen utensils and appliances of baking bowl bowl dryer machine than the table type on your several times, might as well use hanging rack instead of providing the bowl of dryer, air drying and then put on the table of the bowl of dryer drying or directly into the kitchen cabinet.

2, on the rack, the row space, more modern, kitchen work station should make good use of the space, when condole ark has met with the rack can lead, put all the bottles of dot the longemont arms, off the dishes forks and knives, neat out a convenient and comfortable space, is indispensable.

3, domestic kitchen utensils and appliances match wooden cupboard, beauty resistant plate door piece, the mesa with foam board and MTK, the collocation of kitchen utensils and appliances is the most economic method. In order to separate the kitchen and dining-room space, stylist also recommended with wooden high to receive ark, cheaper than decorative bar.

4, corner space to good use, small kitchen of each party should make full use of space, the corner is no exception. At that time little corner is steep, naturally both increase the throughput of kitchen, and solved the cabinets on both sides in the corner of the fracture and the waste of space.

5, ambry colour is delicate, bright color not only has a better reflective effect, to increase dimensional brightness, also can promote the cool and refreshing degree on the vision, make you relaxed happy mood when cook, rather than to squeeze in a dark little sweat in the space, annoyed mood.

6, layer board instead of the sideboard, in order to receive more let a kitchen space, there will be someone there to do meal in the kitchen cabinet, used for home appliances such as electric pot is placed. Rather than do sideboard, nail on the wall on adjustable layer board, when pulled, need not when can be put down, save space and money.

7, don't forget the bottles in a home for you, have no the vinegar, soy sauce and big and small bottle container canister makes you upset? Put in the corner of the small pull ark can give you solve big problems, concise appearance, portable pulley design, compact and tidy bottle family array, is really a small content of daqu.

8, Mosaic tile, Mosaic jump suits for tile color processing, especially could replace belt, do in the middle of the kitchen utensils and appliances and condole ark, improve the level of the tile.

9, kitchen drawer, receive a player cannot little, the drawer is not huddled together, segmentation and orderly space partition, every man to his small appliance small bed, looking like a well-ordered little kingdom, the drawer is pulled open you make cooking can be straight, don't have to hurry to the drawer right upside down.

10, with the curtain to decorate the kitchen, the kitchen lampblack, ordinary people do not like to hang the curtains in the kitchen. In fact, if you don't often use the kitchen, might as well use the curtain to decorate.

11, the liberalization of small space of the kitchen, increase a a free movement of goods, it will bring you a lot of convenient, bring more fresh feeling. Cook around on the side, when not away into the shadows, adds a drifting little space to the kitchen!

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