Jas emperor furniture: furniture maintenance and the choose and buy of the seven key

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-06-27

how to buy furniture desired? To buy his favorite office furniture, of course, also need our maintenance, said below small make up for all the office furniture maintenance seven taboos, hope when you maintain furniture can bring you a little help.

the first point, bear in mind that heavy pressure on top of the wardrobe, such as office furniture, in order to avoid cupboard door bulges, cupboard door closed lax; Clothes also avoid pile up too much, avoid over cupboard door, in case of cupboard door deformation;

the second point, remember to wash with water, or use is made of rag plywood furniture, avoid by all means in alkaline soak, preventing plywood glue or degumming; The third point, bear in mind that the original paint color different with the furniture paint and putty mix well with embedded furniture fracture plugging after, lest leave scars;

the fourth, remember to use alkaline or boiled water wash office furniture or placed on the desktop, banana oil, and high levels of alcohol just hot stuff such as boiling water, in case of damage to the paint.

the fifth, be sure to keep in mind when carrying on drag hard to pull, should light up light put; Should be placed flat, if uneven ground, leg and padded, to prevent damaged mortise structure; Sixth, bear in mind that the furniture in the sunlight, also avoid is put too dry place, in case of wood cracking deformation at seven in the first, remember put the furniture in very humid places, lest wood in wet expand, time grew easily rotten, drawer can also pull not open;

below we specific talk about office furniture selection:

choose suits own furniture is the hard truth, so how to choose the best furniture? Under the network office furniture had to introduce you to seven points of the furniture of choose and buy: the first. Furniture material is reasonable, the reasonable choice of wood material is a science, in general, the gross of desk, chair, ark, calls for hard miscellaneous wood, more strong, can load bearing, internal materials generally with other materials.

2. Veneered furniture flat-fell seam is lax, yan generally either stick wood veneer, PVC or paste paint paper, leather must pay attention to whether or not to stick to level off, check whether there is a bulge on the surface of furniture, foaming, flat-fell seam is lax. Through the texture of furniture, wen also can see that whether the stick glue, you can dig the corner with the hand, if a pick up and use glue has a problem.

the third. Furniture package edge whether level off, side is flat, is look at furniture out that internal material is wet, after a long time will be away.

4. Sofa, the hammock to sit, sit has the advantage of feeling the soft bag is good, is very comfortable.

5. Furniture furniture whether level off, the four feet on the ground, known wag landing some furniture only three legs. Take a look at the desktop is straight, not bow back or falling down a waist. Desktop convex glass put on the block; Desktop recessed, put on a glass plate is broken.

6. Furniture structure is rigid, square table, tables, chairs, etc should have four legs of the triangle clip, a fixed role, can be reversed the tables and chairs when choosing to have a look, can touch the cloth chair. 7. Color should be coordinated with interior decoration, the people are generally very understand, is that we first consider the collocation of color problem. Emperor furniture for more than a decade, focusing on the office furniture, hotel furniture, restaurant furniture, such as high-grade furniture design, development, services, and provide high quality soft outfit and bedroom furniture customization service, boldly used on furniture design fashion design idea in consumers' mind set up the good brand image, the products sell well both at home and abroad.

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